Sin and Heaven According to Grace

A couple of weeks ago Grace (4 1/2) struck up a conversation about sin.

Grace: “Sin is really bad.”

Me: “Yes, it is.”

Grace: “What’s sin?”

Me: “Remember in the garden of Eden when Eve ate the apple she wasn’t supposed to.”

Grace: “Yes”

Me: “That’s sin. Sin is when you do something wrong. Like when you’re mean to your brothers.”

Grace: “Yes, that’s sin.” She thinks for a moment. “What about doing what I’m supposed to.”

Me: “Now that’s obedience.”

Later the next week a conversation came up about Heaven. So I found a book called “Heaven has a Floor” by Evelyn Roberts. The following is a conversation with Grace that occurred after reading the book.

Grace: “Have you ever been dead before?”

Me: “No”

Grace: “I don’t want to go to heaven. I want to stay her with mommy.”

Me: “I’m not going to heaven soon.”

Grace: “Are you going to be in heaven with me? Am I going to see you?”

Me: “Yes! But I’m going to go there first.”

Grace: “I’ll see my brothers!”

Me: “Yes.”

Grace: “How long do we go to heaven and will we be there forever?”

Me: “I don’t know when we’ll go to heaven, but it will be a wonderful place.”

Grace: “No crying. No time outs. No boo boos. No broccoli and I can go where ever I want to go?”

Me: “Yes.”

Grace: “Well, I’m not going to ballet.”

Me: “Why?”

Grace: “because I want to go where ever I want to go.”

Timmy (6) joined in the conversation…

Timmy: “How do good people go to Hell?”

Me: “They don’t worship God and don’t ask Jesus to come into their heart.”

Timmy: “Even if they listen to their mom and eat broccoli and their vegetables they still go to Hell?”

Me: “That’s what the Bible says.”

Later all the boys and I prayed with her for Jesus to come in her heart.

Last night in bed when she was afraid of monsters, I was trying to tell her that Jesus was bigger than the monsters.

Me: “Jesus is like a giant and can squash them with his feet.”

Grace: [giggling] “He comes out of my heart, big like a giant and squashes the monsters, then he shrinks back into my heart.”

Me: “Yep! That’s about it!”


  1. Parenting gives us such wonderful, unexpected gifts everyday in the most joyous ways – what a blessing!

  2. Blessings on your little Grace: what a wonderful thing to accept the Lord at such a young age! May He nurture her faith in such a way that it remains the faith of a child, no matter how old she grows.

  3. Very cute.
    I’ll take Grace’s place in the ballet.

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