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JournalThe Easter holiday has passed. If you’re like me, you may find this holiday Journal doesn’t hold the meaning you feel it should. So often is the case for many holidays and events in the unequally yoked marriage.

I recall a time when my youngest daughter was five years old. I’d picked her up from her friend’s house (can you say “play date”?) and we were heading home. This daughter of mine has always had a heart for things of the spiritual nature. She turned to me and asked how someone became a Christian. I explained the salvation message to her and asked if that was something she wanted to do. She nodded, and we did just that.

The next morning I had to leave very early to pick my husband up from the airport. I stopped at a traffic light and watched the final stages of a colorful sunrise. As I praised God for the beauty before me, I was suddenly struck with the thought that I couldn’t share with my husband the single most important event in our young daughter’s life. Tears sprung to my eyes. How many more such occasions would he go unaware of?

Amazingly, God planned that moment as a sweet memory. He knew I would come to that place in time and thought, and He’d prepared a way to turn what could have been a sad memory to one of beauty and hope.

As unequally yoked partners, we can’t control situations like these, but we can prepare for the future. Moments like these can be recorded and shared at a later date.

So here’s a challenge for you (I had to tie the title in somehow.) And I agree to do this as well. Get a notebook or journal and devote its pages solely to these precious times. Date and record each memory for your non-believing spouse to read and enjoy at a later date (i.e. that wonderful day he or she decides to say yes to Christ! Remember, God wants it even more than you do.)

Get as basic or fancy as you want—a plain notebook, a fancy journal with doodles in the corners, or even a scrapbook (I know some ears perked up on that last one). The wonderful thing about such a recorded history is that your children, grandchildren, and whoever comes along the family line will be able to benefit as well.

So what do you say? Will you take the challenge to create a record of your family’s spiritual history? Even if you do it for yourself, what a wonderful way to walk down memory lane and remember God’s amazing mercy and blessing in our lives.

Now let’s get writing.


  1. Dineen,

    This is brilliant. When my daughter decided to be baptized it was a total spiritual battle. Something I should write down. Brilliant. Love, Lynn

  2. Thank you for that thought! I will have to just that … Journal those moments for my husband’s grand day. My 10-year old son accepted Christ almost three years ago and I shared it with my husband. His response was not very enthusiastic since he doesn’t share my excitement for such events. But, perhaps some day Christ will be at the center of his focus and he will appreciate the recorded history of our children’s spiritual lives.

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