When Was the Last Time You

I needed a little diversion today.

When was the last time you….

1. kissed someone?

Definitely last night kisses with my daughter before bed. We made this squeeking/buzzing sounds with our lips and she wanted to do it over and over again. It’s fuzzy if I kissed anyone today because when I woke up we rushed to church, went out to eat at Flying Rolls, and then I took a nap.

2. drank coffee?

This morning at church. They offer it free to everyone in the sanctuary and today they had hazelnut and I still had to add 3 sugars and 2 creams. 🙂

3. read a book?

About and hour ago. I started Lightening and Lace by DiAnn Mills, but last night I stayed up way too late finishing Showdown by Ted Dekker.

4. cursed?

Not sure, could have  been last week! Though cursing isn’t part of my daily vocabulary, it does creep up on me in anger. Darn that old flesh!

5. had a nightmare?

Last night. It wasn’t a monster/death/fear nightmare. It was one of those “I’m getting ready to perform and I forgot my lines and can’t find the stage” kind of nightmare. Which was really strange because I’m not anxious or nervous about anything.

6. checked your email?

Right before I started writing this.

7. had a crush?

Don’t know if you’d call this a crush, but the college guy behind the coffee counter who smiled at me about a year ago made me feel good about myself.

8. drove a car?

Yesterday I drove to my son’s soccer game, took my daughter out for lunch, then took her shopping, rested and then went out grocery shopping again!
9. rode a roller coaster?

In October at the state fair. I used to love all kinds of rides, and I still do, though they do scare me more then they ever did. My boys love to ride them as well, but me and my husband have to stay away from the ones that go round and round unless we’ve taken Dramamine.

10. took a nap?

After eating too much at the Flying Roll today, I had to lie down. I tried reading, but was too sleepy for that. Probably because I stayed up too late reading last night.

11. went to the movies?

A couple of weeks ago when I say The Ultimate Gift.
12. drank alcohol?

Months ago. About a year ago I started occasionally having a glass of wine before bed. I don’t particularly like the taste, but it does help when I can’t sleep or get too grouchy for my families good!

13. went to a party?

Uh, does a five year old birthday party count. I arrived 1 1/2 hours late to my daughter’s friend’s party last Monday.

14. said “I love you”?

To Grace before she went to bed.

15. cooked a meal?

If defrosting a meal I’ve already cooked counts, then last night. Other than that, it’s soccer and baseball season. We’re lucky if we get a meal!

16. exercised?

Yesterday and I plan on exercising again later today. In fact since my husband bought me an elliptical trainer for my birthday I’ve been slowing increasing my exercised time. Last week I was up to 170 minutes, which is an average of 30 minutes a day.

Any one else want to play? Let me know and I’ll drop by and visit.


  1. I LOLed at the 5yo bday party. Those preschool years were SO party-packed for us. I line up with your “crush” answer, too. I know we have to watch our minds, and I didn’t want people to think I was weird with my answer.

  2. Hey, fun meme! I still haven’t joined your writer’s site because I STILL can’t figure out where the j”join” button is – and I’m aware that it’s probably right in front of my face.

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