Carnival of Christian Writers #7 April 2007

It’s carnival time! So please keep your hands and feet inside at all times and buckle up for your safety. Enjoy the ride…

icon_cotton.jpg Literary Agent Chip MacGregor offers The Best Advice he’s received.

icon_cotton.jpg Mary DeMuth asks “Why do we put novels down? What makes us turn the page?” In Affrimation for the Craft she shares her personal preferences for fiction, along with affirming the importance of craft.

icon_cotton.jpgEditor Mick Silva asks “Can writers derive as much inspiration from a desire for mystery as much as from a desire to know?

icon_cotton.jpgSuspense author Brandilyn Collins has been thinking about bad guys and what makes them evil.

icon_cotton.jpgMeredith Efken gives great advice for Newbie Fiction Writers.

icon_cotton.jpgHeidie Shelton-Jenck writes about work for hire writing assignments.

icon_cotton.jpgLeticia wrote a post about how she have recently met with the Outreach Director of Walden Media who wants to hear from homeschoolers and Christians about what they like about their films, and what further books they would like to see on the silver screen.

icon_cotton.jpgCamy Tang talks about finishing revisions and the step into real Writerhood.

icon_cotton.jpgAuthor Cara Putman explains just how rewarding and fun on-site research can be.

icon_cotton.jpgGinaConroy explores the Top Ten reason why you didn’t enter the Genesis Contest.

icon_cotton.jpgChrista Allan believes if she’d write more, the dust bunnies would stay in their cages.

icon_cotton.jpgRachelle Arlin Credo presents How to Write a Short Story posted at Stfiled Squeal.

icon_cotton.jpgJamie Carie writes about how easy it is to get stuck in our favorite area of writing, but experimenting with different forms can be enlightening, refreshing and fun.


  1. Glad to find your web site. Would like to share one of my poems with you.

    Do not fear
    Your father is here
    Know there’s no need to cry
    Because you are the apple of my eye

    My sweet anointed one,tender and dear
    The world will bring you sorry
    and a tear

    But smile my child
    because you have power to overcome
    without fear and there’s know need to cry
    because you’re the apple of my eye

    Do not fear
    Your father is here
    Know there’s know need to cry
    Because you’re the apple of my eye

  2. Good job Gina. This is a great lineup.

  3. This is a wonderful gathering of articles about writing, Gina. Thanks so much. I’ve enjoyed browsing around some new blogs I’ve never visited before. Keep it up!

  4. Great Carnival, Gina! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this!

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