The Revelation of God

Weding RingsEver have one of those meetings God clearly ordained? Either you realize it during the meeting, or after, when the facts have sunk in enough to complete the picture.

I’ve had many over the years, but never one so clearly ordained as recently. God even made sure my teen-age daughter was completely occupied, and that’s no easy feat!

We were to meet a friend at a neighborhood pool. Thinking she’d be swimming with me, my daughter’s face morphed from misery to pure joy at the sight of her close friend from youth group. (Can we say a silent “whew” for Mom, who got off the swimming hook?)

Then I had the pleasure of making a new acquaintance—the mom of my daughter’s close friend. With the help of our mutual friend from church, this other mom and I had a chance to meet and connect. I thought nothing more of it at that moment other than thinking God had done an amazing thing. My daughter swam blissfully with friends, and I enjoyed the company of two other Christian women.

Our mutual friend then had to go, leaving me and my “new friend” to chat. Feeling rather bold that day, I jumped into a new conversation thread, which lead in a direction completely unanticipated.

You see, this dear lady had been unequally yoked for six years. Only recently had her husband committed his life to Christ. Now you see what I mean about an ordained meeting.

Needless to say, I had so many questions. My new friend shared graciously and generously. She told me she’d prayed for her husband for six years. I asked how. Did she follow a pattern or use a specific prayer? She told me she prayed each day, each moment, as she felt the situation needed. What I heard was, she kept praying and didn’t stop.

She also shared how her husband began to make this change, from her perspective. One day he picked up a Bible and started reading. About four months later, he finished the entire book. From then on, he embraced his faith passionately and has pursued his relationship with God ever since.

I asked if she could see changes leading up to the moment he picked up a Bible, and she said she hadn’t then, but could look back now and see God’s hand at work. A word here, something on the radio, the right person at the right time, etc. She’s still adjusting to his change and has to remind herself his mindset has completely changed.

Then I had the rare pleasure of talking to her husband, who was happy to answer my questions. Needless to say, I was delighted. One of the hardest parts of being unequally yoked is not understanding our unbelieving spouses—how they think, how they’ve come to this place of unbelief, and what’s ticking behind it all.

I had a chance to pick the male mind.

First, I wanted to know what brought this husband and father to the point of wanting to read the Bible. He shared that life in general had brought him to this point. Struggles with his children and drinking opened his eyes to coming destruction and needed change.

The first glimmerings came through his wife and children. He saw the impact he had on his family. What he said next really made me think. “If you don’t listen to your wife, who do you listen to?”

Thus his journey began. A couple months later, he felt an overwhelming desire to read the Bible. He pushed it off. Another month went by until he finally asked his wife to borrow hers. Three months later, he finished but still craved more understanding. With the aid of a study Bible, he began analyzing what God’s Word had to say. He said he also noticed how his wife had and was changing through her own spiritual journey.

After much soul searching, the biggest reality hit him. He couldn’t make the needed changes alone. His search for answers and help led him right to the feet of Christ. The pieces then fell in place. He saw how his entire life was a series of events orchestrated by God, leading to this point. In his words, “Something way bigger was going on than just myself.”

God revealed.

This man of the world made a commitment to himself and God to follow Christ. He told me he still stresses and worries, but it’s different now. He knows the burdens aren’t his to carry anymore and has found peace. He trusts God for the future.

The clincher? I prayed before embarking on our trip to the pool that God would reveal what he wanted me to write next for this column. He told me the title right away—The Revelation of God.

Little did I know how much He would reveal that day.


  1. Dineen, your story gave me chills. It’s another amazing testament to the greatness of God. Bless you as you continue in obedience.

  2. Sharon Higgins

    July 26, 2007 at 4:35 pm

    I think back to your desire, what 9 – 10 years ago, to start a small group for women whose husbands were unbelievers. I am awed by God’s bigger plan for you and the bigger impact you can now have for Him. Thank you for all you do in His name. Go with God, S

  3. What a moving story. It lets us know that there is hope even when we don’t see it. God is always working on the soul strings of those we love. I talk about the tail end of this on my blog in One Last Chance.

  4. Dineen,

    All I can say is “whoa.” The timing of God sent chills up my spine with His leading you to write.

  5. Dineen,

    I have tears in my eyes. Oh, how many of us long for this day in our own lives.

    God, must accomplish much through our unequalness first, then, our husband’s will turn to Him.

    God revealed. God Honored. Awesome!!!

    Thank you for sharing this. I needed it today. Love and hugs, me

  6. Again Dineen the Lord has blessed you with words of Hope and Encouragement to those of us out there with un saved spouses. The article brought tears to my eyes, not of sadness but of hope and joy for this family, and for the husband to give his side was just as meaningful. Thank You

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