What Speaks Love to a Writer?

A very special Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all! Hope you’ll both say and hear some special words of love today. Let me be among the first to do just that….

If you’re a writer and parent, please know you are appreciated! I thank you for your words and for following the Lord’s call to love your family well and share the words God has put on your heart. And regardless of what your emotions scream on those days you’d rather stay in bed, I pray you’ll remember that you are loved with an everlasting love, a love that calls you by name and says you are His beloved and cherished child. (Jeremiah 31:3, Isaiah 43:1)

And now, on to what speaks love to this oft-interrupted writer…


Being a homeschool mom of three and a writer often leaves me with little time and a lot of guilt about all the “other stuff” I should be doing. That guilt can run me ragged if I allow it.

Recently, God reminded me that the best thing to do with guilt is to hand it right over to Him and listen up.

Because neither His instruction for what we’re to do nor His correction for what we’ve not done come with accusations or attacks. Guilt is the enemy’s MO, not God’s.

His way includes loving whispers to depend on Him and trust Him with our paths.

Not too long ago, God presented one of those loving whispers through a drawing from my six-year-old daughter. She handed me a yellow sheet of paper folded in half. On the inside was a picture of my book cover and my keyboard.

After praising her beautiful picture, I asked about why she drew it. She said, “Because I’m proud of you, Mommy. And I’m glad you’re obeying God and writing your book.”

That spoke love to me with a volume that continues to resonate in my soul.

Sometimes, oftentimes, it’s the little things done with big love that matter most.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that guilt comes from the enemy. Writing moms often fall into that trap instead of handing it over to God. I’m glad you’re a part of out writing team!

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