Getting Closer to Release Day

After a long wait to see  Ruby Among Us in print, time is suddenly flying by. With all that is happening pre-Ruby, it’s a little bit hard to focus on what I’m writing. It’s even harder to sleep. And it’s difficult to imagine Ruby Among Us in the hands of readers and finally standing on its own; good or bad. I’m thrilled and excited, but I’m also scared silly. Sometimes I can’t dare to think about it, yet at other times it’s all I can think about.

What if readers don’t like it? What if it gets bad reviews? Can I handle that? And then what if it gets great reviews? What if my book goes through the roof!? What will I do then? Statistically speaking, I don’t need to worry about the roof, but a writer can always hope. At this point, anything is possible as my book stands poised at the starting line.

If you want to know what it’s like, here is a short list of some of the things I need to do before May 20th.

1) Fill out answers to interview questions for an upcoming blog tour.

2) Do my very best to keep to my writing mantra of Write Every Day.

3) Be interviewed by a few magazines locally.

4) Wait for endorsements to come in (I dare not go into what this feels like).

5) Google my name every other day to see if anyone is reading or talking about Ruby Among Us yet – Not Really – at least not really that much. (Hey, Frank Bures from Poets & Writers magazine wrote in this month’s edition that he does it too, so take it easy on me. If you are a writer, you probably do it too.)  

6) Exercise to fight off that fatigue and yes, to make sure I will still fit into whatever I end up wearing to my book release party.

7) Help plan a book release party and decide what I’m going to say during the speaking portion of it.

8 ) Practice speaking for interviews and other appearances. (This one is on my list, but I admit that I’m just Tina, so practicing really isn’t going to change anything. I might take this off my list).

9) Hand out bookmarks to everyone I know and also to those I don’t know. (This will be a good one for my mom to help with.)

10) Take a breath and pray. Try to relax…


  1. Congratulations on your novel Mike! It’s an exciting time.

  2. Tina, I know exactly how you feel. I have a debut novel coming out in June with Realms Fiction and I, too, experience that odd combination of at one moment wanting to squeal with excitement and then next wanting to scream with fright. And there’s so much to do to prepare! Enjoy the process and congratulations!

  3. Lacy, thanks for the tip!

    Thanks for the kind words Mary!

  4. It’s been a LONG wait, I’m so glad Ruby is about to be released, Tina! Congrats and hugs to you…

    Hey, I’m glad to know about the google alerts! Sounds handy! I like googling friends and family…and old acquaintances…just for fun! And because I’m nosy!

  5. Instead of having to type in your name or book title to google, did you know you can get a google alert in your email box?

    You can set them up for your name or different variations thereof – I use it and it’s great!

  6. Thanks Gina. I do feel very blessed. It’s not the be all end all in life, but it sure is amazing and I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I can. Hopefully it will be your turn soon. 🙂

  7. I can’t even imagine what you’re feeling! What a life changing place to be in. Enjoy the ride and the moment. You’ll never have this one again!

  8. Hi Kaye! We need to stay on top of things right? Congrats on your book.

    Yes, I did write discussion questions. My editor wrote some of them, as well. I tried to focus on things like character motivations and parallels between setting and story line. I think my editor’s question are a bit more philosophical, so it’s good to have someone else give you input when you write the questions. They will be able to point out questions that readers might have or that readers should consider.

  9. LOL–I Google myself at least once a week, and my book doesn’t come out until January!

    Did you have to write discussion questions for reading groups? If so, what kinds of questions did you come up with?

  10. Thanks Sue. Those are sobering stats, aren’t they? TF

  11. Here’s something to help calm you!

    Imagine being a Christian author and having your debut novel competing with every other book in the world for bookshelf space.

    Imagine not having the assurance that despite being a Christian author and traditionally published you’re not guaranteed a spot on the shelves of 75% of the Christian Bookstores or a spot on some Christian Blog tours because they serve a niche market most authors choose not to write for.

    That’s a nervewrecking expereince!

    You’ll be fine. 🙂

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