A computer Geek, that is!

IPs, URLs, PHP. Who can keep them all straight! A Geek can and I sure could use a Geek now as I delve into buying a theme for my new Writer…Interrupted blog. I’m nervous and clueless. But when I first started with blobspot a while back, I learned a little code by trial and error. Then I decided a real domain was my next step and with the help of a techno savvy friend. She got my .com up and running, but not before I realized I had to choose a host. I didn’t shop around much, just went to a couple of friends’ sites and saw what they were using. I settled on Bluehost, because it seemed like a good deal. But if I had known about this webhosting rating site, I would have had more choices. Thankfully, Blue Host is up there with the best, but this site is excellent for comparing web hosts side by side and comparing for price and features.

If you’re thinking about upgrading from a blog to your own domain, then you need to check it out. Or if you’re not happy with your old web host, then you can find the one to meet your needs. This site even have a blog for techno illiterates and wannabe Geeks to learn the latest information. Though most of it is still Greek to me, I’m glad I know where to go when I need a web hosting Geek.