In Case You're Curious About My Writing Journey: January – September 2006

Caution: If you have a weak stomach or succumb to dizziness and nausea easily, and/or are pregnant…read at your own risk! The following posts contain sudden twists, unexpected turns, repeated highs and lows, but guarantee a thrill and insight to this writer’s journey to publication.

Here’s just a peak into my writing journey…

March 3, 2006 Letting Go: Debut Post
March 12, 2006 Life’s Little Interruptions

April 1, 2006 Writing Withdrawals
April 7, 2006 Before the Lord

May 18, 2006 Three Months of not writing and Counting

June 11, 2006 Just Go With the Flow

July 7, 2006 What Number Are You?
July 10, 2006: Bad News Comes in the Mail part 1 Bad New part II
July 13, 2006 While I was Sleeping
July 22, 2006  Proceeding with Caution (writing again?)

Preparing for ACFW conference:

September 3, 2006 Reminding Myself God is in Control
September  7, 2006 Jesus Take the Wheel
September 8, 2006 When is Enough Really Enough
September 15, 2006 Starting to Feel the Stres
September 17, 2006 Self Doubts
September 19, 2006  What’s Your Goal?
September 20, 2006 What’s Your Motivation?

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  1. When I was first blogging and looking for cool sites to follow, I was attracted to this blog because of a lot of these early posts that I scrolled through. I wanted to know the outcomes: when did God give you the go-ahead, etc.? I never finished reading all your old posts, so I never did read about how you found an agent and whether or not your agent is trying to market some of these old WIPs. And what about that first novel that God inspired you with? Have you done anything with that?

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