It’s Friday, again! Where has the week gone? Vanished, along with all my grand plans of productivity. Last summer I went off on a three week amazing adventure and accomplished little in my home. This summer I vowed to check off several projects. But I’m finding that these projects are way too big to be completed in a few days. The other day I spent hours in my homeschool room and while I made progress, I realized I could spend the entire summer in that room and MISS summer OR I could take it easy and do a little bit each day/week.

I’m what you call an ADHD project manager. I often get overwhelmed or bored with one project and before it’s finished I start another. It’s not a bad plan for the summer because all work and no sun makes Gina a very cranky person!

So here are some things I’m going to remember this summer as I work through my projects!

Make a List and Check it Twice
I’ve always been bad about making lists, but I’m getting better. I’ve got several lists going now. The long term “It’s going to take me all summer” list and the short term project list. Even the daily list. Oh boy, just thinking about these lists is stressing me out! BUT the goal of these lists is not necessarily crossing things off (repeat 100 times a day) but working on something on the list every day. The cross off will come!

Plan for Fun
Where’s the rule that says you have to do something productive everyday? After all it is summer! Why not schedule a totally fun day away from the work! These days are especially welcomed after a hard work day. Listen to your body like I did the day after I spent hours in my homeschool room stooping, squatting, kneeling and cleaning! My body ached like I had just worked out. So instead of tackling the room again, I rested the next day and focused on computer work! You’re body will thank and you’ll be more productive the following day.

Mix Business with Pleasure
Who says computer work has to be done inside? After I’ve had enough of cleaning and inside work, my body starts to crave sunshine! So to trick myself into thinking I’m actually participating in summer, I take the computer to the pool (or yard,) find a shady spot, and watch the kids swim. (This also helps them think I’m actually playing with them…well, maybe not.)

If you’re anything like me and struggle with balance and fun, you know how difficult it is to be productive without the guilt. But I think this approach to summer productivity could be a great way to satisfy the slacker and Type A me! I could be wrong.

Guess we’ll see by end of the summer.

Got a suggestion to this balancing dilemma? Please share what works for you!!