Sometimes the Best Ideas Come at the Last Minute.I wasn’t planning on doing any big teaching event this year. I worked hard in 2016 launching my new website and promoting my writing and homeschool classes. I made new friends, taught awesome students, and had some success. I gave it my all, and it just wasn’t enough to make ends meet. So I thought it was time to focus on other things in 2017.

Truth is, 2016 has been a huge year of transition. Moving to a new rental house, being on my own and taking care of everything after 20 years, searching unsuccessfully for a full-time job to support myself while working part-time and driving Uber. I thought it was time to take a step back from teaching, but then I had this idea…

Why not help people write their novels for FREE?

I know with everything I just said, it sounds counter productive. Teach for free? But I know how hard it is for people to schedule time for a class and find the money to pay for it. I have been there! And scheduling and marketing classes no one shows up to is disappointing, so I thought, why not create a facebook group and offer my course free for a select group of writers and take the pressure off? I could do it for fun and connection and inspire myself to write more in 2017.

So that’s what I’m doing and it’s absolutely free!

I will post once-a-week lessons and discussions so you can find the encouragement you need to write your novel in 2017. At no charge! I know if I had this when I was starting out, it would have helped me. So this is my gift, my way of giving back to my followers and friends.

You can find all the details here. Just ask to join and hurry because I will be closing the group when we reach capacity!

Will I still offer homeschool, novel, and memoir writing classes throughout the year?

Yes, but they will be limited as look for (and work) a full-time job, revive my own writing, and finish MY novel in 2017. So stay tuned and plan now to attend one of my monthly classes or weekend workshops!

I can’t wait to start this 2017 writing journey with you. Yes, it may have been last minute, but it’s just in time for the new year!