Change doesn’t have to be something you fear. It is all in your perspective. It can actually be a blessing. I have been through so much change these last 5 years, so much so the thought of changing from my Samsung to an iPhone scared me. What would the learning curve be? Would it be worth it. Would I regret it? As with any change, you need to get so tired of where you are before you can take a chance and try something new.

Many of us never get tired enough and would rather continue the struggle instead of stepping out in faith to do the work it takes for a better life. The thing is, to change, you have to really want to change.

The switch to my iPhone hasn’t been easy. Besides the learning curve and the transferring of all my data, apps and passwords, I have to form new habits I’ve been resistant to. Like texting.

I’m a hold-my-phone-in-one-hand Swype kinda girl, but right now I have my iPhone 6s PLUS in both hands and I’m texting with my thumbs. I need to adapt because of the bigger phone. Two thumbing it might be awkward and foreign but I already recognized I was getting TIRED, literally, doing things the old way.

MY POINT IS… What are you tired of but still holding onto to because it is familiar? Not comfortable or better, but familiar and safe.

Is it a relationship you know is going nowhere? Is it anger or perhaps indifference towards someone who once meant something to you? Is it not taking the next step in writing your book? Is it a dead end job or career you hate and gives you no time to enjoy your life, but you tolerate it because it pays the bills?

I can’t help you if you don’t want to help yourself. The thing is, you have to really want change. Know that when you get TIRED enough of living the way you’re living, I am here to offer a better way to the life you want to live. You just have to want THAT life more than the one you’re currently living. I do. And when you do, I’ll be here to show you the way.