This photo popped up in my timeline. Not the greatest picture, but I wanted to reflect and share where I was 7 years ago and where I plan to be 7 years from now.

Has it been 7 years since I took my travel dream into my own hands. 7 years since I quit complaining that no one could go on a trip with me for my 40th birthday.

7 years since I took a 3 1/2 week road trip BY MYSELF picking up Jessie McArthur (whom I had never met) in Denver where we attended a small writer’s conference with Danica Favorite, Chip MacGregor, Susan May Warren.

7 years where in Denver I first experienced the SWING DANCING (in all my awkward awe) having no idea of what I was doing, and VOWED next time I went out dancing I would know what I was doing. (Now I teach)

7 years since I drove Jessie home from Denver to Idaho via Yellow Stone Park and Old Faithful, where we got off schedule for over an hour waiting for Old Faithful to blow and driving in the dark to find a little dive hotel.

7 years since I spent time in Portland with Jana Gigi Garner and visited Multnomah Falls and Cannon Beach and all the “weird places,” then drove down the California coast to Sonoma Valley where I had my first wine tasting BY MYSELF and then traveled south via the beautiful scenic highway to visit Liz Farkas and my family in Santa Barbara before I headed across the desert to see  Georgiana Daniels, the Grand Canyon and Sedona, then on home.

7 years… before SIRI, before a smart phone guidance.
7 years when I took my Midlife Road trip that would change the course of my future.
7 years when I decided to start living my life and not wait for things to be perfect to travel.

7 YEARS LATER, my life looks so different. I am different all because I stopped waiting for life to happen, for friends to say “Yes, let’s take a trip!” I took control of my life and made little steps forward to get to where I am today. Have I “arrived?” Nope! Because life is a journey, and I plan on traveling every blessed mile with gratitude and faith. And if by chance I can help and encourage someone else to start living beyond their excuses, and join me in the journey, well, that will be worth every mountain I had to cross alone.

Only you have the power to get to where you want to be!
Where were you 7 years ago?
Where will you be in 7 years from now?