Doesn’t this photo speak the truth? I used to get so out of sorts when things didn’t go as I planned. I wondered “why do things never go according to my plan?” “Why isn’t God moving in a certain area of my life.” “What am I doing wrong?” Then I realized, that THIS is life. Sometimes we think we’re the only ones that face detours and distractions on the path to where we are going, but if you look around, people are experiencing obstacles every day. Some struggle in silence, hitting the peaks and valleys alone. Other let the whole world know when things aren’t going their way or when they’ve climbed that insurmountable mountain.

I started on this #projectdiscovery365 journey without giving it much thought. It was a new year and I wasn’t sure where I was headed or what I really wanted to do. In 2018, I wanted to pause and take a closer look. To evaluate if somehow I got off the path in 2017 and was headed in a direction I didn’t want to do. Through my journey, I wanted to encourage others to “discover” for themselves.

I had a plan. Post every day about something I’m looking at “new” and discovering. I’ve already “failed” on posting.  And that’s okay.  I’m looking every day. And that is the real plan. To look. See. Discover.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing.