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Susan May Warren, Award-winning novelist and writing coach says:

"All writers, regardless of their age or level, need to understand the nuances of story, the layers of a character, how to put a scene together as well as how to wordsmith their stories. Enter Gina Conroy's terrifically fun and creative writing primer for teens-Release the Novel in You! From its engaging and fun presentation, delightful acronyms, playful look at analyzing a story and application sections, it takes the rules out writing and turns it back into what it should be--fun! Practical and specific, it covers everything from story structure, to characterization, to the hero's journey to writing fixes--everything an intermediate writer needs to take their story from an idea on the page to a novel."

In this workbook you will:


  • Learn the 4 elements every story must have.
  • Create dynamic characters readers will love.
  • Understand advanced plotting using fun and easy to understand language. 
  • Hook your reader by the end of the first page.
  • Identify common writing mistakes and mechanics of good writing and more!

"I've known Gina for years-watching her learn these very techniques, put them into action in her novels, and help teenagers dive into the world of storycrafting. Her techniques are guaranteed to put the fun back into learning how to write and to release the budding novelist in you!" - Susan May Warren

Novel Writing Workbook

What Others Are Saying:

"Fantastic tool for guiding you through the book writing process. This workbook sets your path in creating/identifying the elements of your story, creating your characters, brainstorming and research. I have the desire to write my own story and this book will help me through my process. Being 47 and well out of school this is exactly what I need. Can't wait to start." -amazon customer

"After reading this helpful and fun course I'm starting to understand more about how to write a good book, which is my current goal for now and probably for the next few decades. The systems of P.L.A.Y, G.O.F.I.S.H, and others, make it understandable and fun. This is great for making an awesome structure for a book. This is a great course for beginners and people who have already started learning, and I would certainly recommend. I learned a whole lot from this. I can't wait for the sequel!" - Matt, 12

“If you are thinking about publishing a book, she’s amazing. If you just want to write a story, she’s amazing. I highly recommend her classes.” -Katherine B. 11

“I enjoyed this class very much. This class is easy to understand because it goes at a perfect pace and is taken step by step. This was awesome and so much fun! I hope the book I’m writing gets published one day! -Casey D. 14

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"I was able to start with a concept and some scattered journal notes and take it through the rough draft of my first novel. I don't think I could have accomplished this without her direction. I enjoyed the work and am pleased with the results. " -Bill T., retired

"Gina Conroy has done an amazing job of turning the writing process into an understandable and FUN learning experience. She explains each step in language that teens can understand (and even makes it click for adults!) as she walks them through the process of writing a book. Release the Novel in You will take your young writer from I-wanna-be-an-author to I-am-an-author in a matter of days.I highly recommend this book for anyone who is teaching writing to teens!" -Kelly Huckaby, The Home Writer, copy editor

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