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Teen Writers Publish Podcast – For Teens and Writers Who Write for Teens

Those of you who listen to the Teen Writers Publish! podcast will be happy to hear that we’re pushing forward with a new season. Ron and I have been discussing whether or not we should continue. He took a new job, I’m looking for a full-time job. He got signed with a literary agent for his middle-grade series, I just published my Release the Novel in You course for teens and I’m teaching the course at several teen conferences this fall. You get it. Life is busy and it’s not that we’re not getting downloads or that we don’t enjoy it, it’s simply a matter of time. As writers, we must choose carefully how we spend our time, right?

So we’ve made a few changes.  We’re getting back to the basics and just recording via Skype. No more Blab or Google Hangouts, though. We’ve also done away with the website, opting for the simple site provided by Libsyn, which you can find here: You can leave your comments and questions there as well.

It’s our hope that simplifying the podcast will ensure that we continue to post regularly. We took a long summer break, but now it’s time to get back to work. Teen Writers Publish! is a podcast for ALL writers especially, teen writers and adults who write middle-grade and young adult fiction. Each podcast will include instruction on writing craft and specific nuances of the children’s market (sorry teens, you’re technically lumped into the children’s market).

You can find us on Apple iTunes or the Libsyn website.

And thanks for listening!

Where is the Nostalgia for My Past?

Sometimes I take a look back over my shoulder and wait for nostalgia,  for some emotion to rise. I see things that have changed in my life and things that have not changed for others who are in, or were in my life. I think about my past.  Things I used to have like the comfort of my big home and no financial worries. I think about who I was, a person always in emotional turmoil, trying desperately to create peace, but not knowing how. I think about my relationships, especially with people who are no longer in my life.
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Discover Your Temperament and Be Yourself

This summer I had the privilege of teaching my “Discover Your Temperament” classes to an inquisitive Beaver who always had to know what was happening next, an adorable Otter who always wanted to do what was next, and a Dog who at first I thought was a Lion. These three K-2nd graders stole my heart and tried my patience, however, because I was assessing their “temperament” to draw out their strengths and help redirect their behavioral weaknesses, I stuffed my Lioness and pulled out the Dog in me.

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Successful Writer Conference: September 23 -24th

National Novel Writing Month is just around the corner, and I’m excited to bring you new videos, webinars, and blog posts to help you prep and be a successful writer in November. I’m also planning a NaNoWriMor retreat so stay tuned and email me for more details in you’re interested.

Release the Memoir in You!

How to find your life’s theme and write your memoir
because you have a story that must be told!

You have a story inside of you dying to get out – a dream to impact the world with the lessons you’ve learned – but you’re not sure anyone would want to read it, and you don’t know how to put it all together or where to start? Perfect! This course will release the memoir in you, guaranteed.

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Release the Novel in You Workbook

Writing book for teens

Summer is the perfect time to start on your dream of writing your novel! It started out as a writing class I created for a class I taught at my kids’ school. Now I’m excited to announce the release of my “Release the Novel in You” workbook. I’ve taken the best of what I’ve been learning over the years and put it in one workbook to help you get your novel from idea to final draft. You don’t have to wait to take one of my courses, though that’s the best way to get the most out of this course and I’ll be teaching it later this summer and in the fall. (More info. to come!) 

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Show Vs. Tell

Here’s a little excerpt on “Showing vs. Telling”  from my new novel writing workbook.

Readers want to be transported to another world and to experience the characters thoughts, actions, and emotions. If you don’t hook your readers (draw them into the story so they can’t escape,) they may get bored and not care about your character or what happens to her. When it comes to hooking your reader it’s important to avoid telling them what’s happening by a lot of narrative (where your main character sits and ponders what’s going on…) To hook your reader, you want to get to the action fast. You want to engage them through emotions in the story. The best way to involve them is to show them what’s happening!

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3 Secrets to Getting Published

You’ve heard it before, there are no overnight successes. Well, there are a couple I know of, but thankfully we’ve remained friends to this day. For the rest of us publication takes years, sometimes decades to achieve. And here’s a secret not part of the three needed to get published: those overnight successes spent years learning the craft of writing and most likely implemented the 3 secrets to getting published. Once I divulge the secrets will you become an overnight success? No. Sorry to disappoint you. Knowledge is NOT the key to achieving your publishing goals.  It’s following through with the secrets that will ultimately land you that book contract, or perhaps send you over the cliff to join the other successful self published authors.

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3 Ways to Simplify Your Life and Write!

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. But it’s what we do with those 24 hours that separates the productive from the unproductive. So how can writers simplify their life so they can find more time to write?


Think of the three most important things in your life. The three things you can’t live without. Now contrast the top three things  you spend most of your time doing. Do they match? If not, something is wrong and you need to re-evaluate your priorities and where you are spending your time. If your priorities don’t match your actions, then something has to change.

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How Not to Waste Writing Time

If you’re a busy writer with other thing on your agenda, then it’s important not to waste your writing time. Here are 3 simple ways to help you be more productive when you write.

Go with the Flow

I’m not talking about the words that should flow from your fingers. I’m talking about the crazy life we lead as interrupted writers. If something else takes precedent over your writing time, then let it, unless of course you’re on a deadline.
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