If you have a desire to write or a story to tell,  but don’t know where to start. You’ve come to the right place. If you want to improve your prose and paint beautiful images in the mind of the reader with your words, I can help. If you are curious, nervous, and doubt you have anything anyone wants to read. You are welcomed here.

Within this Writing page I have classes for everyone. So sit back, take a look, and imagine the possibilities. Then get in action and sign up for a class. Dreams don’t come true until you start to make them happen.

More about me and my classes

They say those who can’t, teach. I say those who have a passion inspire others to greatness. That’s why I teach.

Sure, I have several fiction and nonfiction published books out, not to mention hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles. I also host a week podcast called Teen Writers Publish for teens of all ages, and I’ve mentored writers for years at Writer…Interrupted for years. However, my passion is to inspire your writing dream and release the story in you.

As your instructor, I commit to creating an environment where your voice can be released to tell the story only you can. I’ll provide the tools and motivation for you to make your writing dream come true.

My guidance will inspire your voice to be released and my instruction will shape your ideas into a cohesive and impactful message. When you commit and do the work, you will release your story within and your book will become reality. So even though I can and do write, I also teach! Because nothing is more satisfying than seeing someone find their voice and tell their story!