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Release the Novel in You
July 8-12

July 8-12 Holland Hall 
Grade 10 – Adult* 9:00am – 12:00pm Class # 7302-03
Do you have a story idea burning inside, but you don’t know where to start? Maybe you just want to be a better writer and have fun in the process. In this camp you will start with an idea and leave with a plotted outline of your novel. You will learn the 4 elements every successful story needs, how to hook your reader by the end of the first page, common writing mistakes, mechanics of good writing, and more! How far you get in your novel is up to you and how fast you write!
*Special permission to be added to a different age class after evaluation

Traveling Suitcase: July 15-19

Now Enrolling for FALL SEMESTER.

July 15-19 Holland Hall
Grade 3 – 5, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Class #7251-01
Grade 6 – 9, 12:30 – 3:30 pm Class # 7251-02 $160
You don’t have to pack your bags to travel the world. Explore different continents, countries, cultures as you travel the world in five days without a passport! Come explore the wonderful worlds of ancient Egypt, Rome, and
Greece as well as modern day countries like China, India, Nigeria, and Mexico through art, music, multimedia presentations, dance, food, culture, clothing and more! Our trip around the world will culminate with a gathering of family and friends to celebrate what we’ve learned and share in a feast!
Location: Holland Hall Click here to Registration Online for Summer Programs!

Be an Animal

Release the writer Discover Your Temperament

Aspire Academy
Through role-playing, games, crafts, and stories, students will discover his or her animal personality using the animal temperaments (Lion, Beaver, Dog, Otter,) and they’ll have a blast doing it! Whether a born leader like the lion or someone a little more silly and fun like the Otter, each child will learn his or her unique personality and discover strengths and weaknesses for success at school and home.

Spy Kids

Now Enrolling for FALL SEMESTER

Aspire Academy
Through role-playing, games and good old fashioned sleuthing your child will heighten their power of observation using the five senses, unlock lateral thinking skills, and decipher codes and clues to become a junior spy. The week culminates in a good old fashioned treasure hunt where each child earns their spy credentials and secret spy name.

Get Wild About Tall Tales!

Have fun with figurative language and learn about Tall Tales and the wild west through various Tall Tale readings, videos, role-playing, games, and crafts. You will create your own Tall Tale character and create a tall tale story to be included in a class book! The week will culminate in a performance of our original class Tall Tale play.