“Gina Conroy gives incredibly good critiques. She turned my writing upside down in only 10 pages. She crammed so much in I had to come up for air, but I am so pleased with the outcome. Now I’m contest ready. Before, I only thought I could write.” Jessie Gunderson, busy mom of seven

“I connected with Gina early on in my writing career. Grateful for her shared wisdom, I paid close attention to her feedback. Gina bestowed valuable advice throughout the first section of my first novel that led to my making necessary improvements. She pointed out areas that needed strengthening and motivated me to edit ruthlessly. I’d highly recommend writers to Gina’s expertise, and I greatly respect how she’s offering this invaluable service.” Author Wendy Paine Miller

Our critiques do not guarantee you will place or final in a contest or land a contract or agent , but we do promise to point out your weak areas and give you the information and tools to make your writing stronger.

On this page you will find:

Book Consultation

  • 30 minute one-on-one coaching session to brainstorm your novel or work through characterization or plotting. $25
  • Packages available on request 

Comprehensive Content Critique

$25 for the first ten pages, then starting at $2-6 a page (depending on the edit proofreading, copy or conent editing) per page (double-spaced with 1.25-inch margins) in you want to proceed with the rest of the manuscript depending the amount of work necessary. 

Are you attending a conference soon and need your manuscript in the best shape possible? Are you entering a contest or submitting to an agent or editor and want your entry to be the best it can be? Or are you new to writing and need some input on your story? We offer a comprehensive critique that includes the three C’s:


  • Is your main character sympathetic, likable, relatable, unique?
  • Is his or her goals and motivation easily identified?
  • Do secondary characters add to the story?
  • Are your characters’ voices distinct from one another?
  • Is the dialogue and emotions believable and does it move the story forward?
  • Is POV consistent?


  • Will the conflict carry the story to the end?
  • Is the internal, external and spiritual conflict identifiable?
  • Is motivation strong enough to make the conflict believable?

Can’t Put it Down:

  • Does the opening hook the reader?
  • Is the writing fresh or cliched?
  • Do scenes and transitions flow or seem choppy and disjointed?
  • How does the author use show vs. tell?
  • Is the writer’s voice unique or distinct enough to make it stand out?

One Sheet Critique and Consultation

Nervous about pitching at a writing conference? Let us help you with your One Sheet and One Page Proposal!! These are great tools to carry with you into a meeting with an agent or editor $30

Proposal and Synopsis Content Critique

Novel Proposal

Does not include synopsis and chapters (see below for rates) but does include a proposal suggested guideline to follow. Starting at $75

Novel Synopsis

  • 1-2 single spaced pages
  • Does your story have  a unique hook?
  • Is the inciting incident identifiable?
  • Is there a transition to story world?
  • Are the character goals, motivation, and conflict strong enough to carry the story to the end?
  • Is the character flawed and does he grow throughout the story?
  • Is the conflict organic and the protagonists tests relative to the story and personal growth?
  • Are there increasing stakes?
  • Is the black moment gripping and strong?
  • Is the road back and ending satisfying and identifiable?

Starting at $50