Those of you who listen to the Teen Writers Publish! podcast will be happy to hear that we’re pushing forward with a new season. Ron and I have been discussing whether or not we should continue. He took a new job, I’m looking for a full-time job. He got signed with a literary agent for his middle-grade series, I just published my Release the Novel in You course for teens and I’m teaching the course at several teen conferences this fall. You get it. Life is busy and it’s not that we’re not getting downloads or that we don’t enjoy it, it’s simply a matter of time. As writers, we must choose carefully how we spend our time, right?

So we’ve made a few changes.  We’re getting back to the basics and just recording via Skype. No more Blab or Google Hangouts, though. We’ve also done away with the website, opting for the simple site provided by Libsyn, which you can find here: You can leave your comments and questions there as well.

It’s our hope that simplifying the podcast will ensure that we continue to post regularly. We took a long summer break, but now it’s time to get back to work. Teen Writers Publish! is a podcast for ALL writers especially, teen writers and adults who write middle-grade and young adult fiction. Each podcast will include instruction on writing craft and specific nuances of the children’s market (sorry teens, you’re technically lumped into the children’s market).

You can find us on Apple iTunes or the Libsyn website.

And thanks for listening!