Release the Writer in You
Every Tuesday:
at La Fortune Community Center
For Teens & Adults

5202 S. Hudson Ave. | Comm. Cntr.
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Must register for class
Call 918.519-0648 to reserve your spot!

All classes are $10.00 unless otherwise noted.


P.L.A.Y. with Your Words Tuesday, January 17th, 7 pm – 8 pm                                                  

Whether writing fiction or nonfiction, every story contains four elements. If one is missing, then your story is incomplete. In this workshop, you will learn to P.L.A.Y. with your words to discover your story.

Creating Dynamic Characters Tuesday, January 24th, 7 pm – 8 pm

Great stories start with great characters. Using Gina’s unique B.E.S.T. F.R.I.E.N.D. approach, you will explore your fictional or nonfiction character to get down to the heart and soul of your story, and craft the perfect plot for your dynamic character.

G.O. F.I.S.H. How to Hook Your Reader Tuesday, February 7th, 7 pm – 8 pm

Just like a fish on a hook can’t swim away, as writers, we need to write great “hooks” (opening paragraphs) so our readers won’t get away! Come learn how to hook your reader and have them turning the page for more. (It’s recommended you attend the “Creating Dynamic Characters” workshop, but not necessary.)

Memoir, Autobiography, and Legacy Writing, Oh My! Wed, February 14, 7 pm – 8 pm

You want to leave a written legacy for your family, but you don’t know where to start or what exactly to write. In this class, you will explore different ways to leave a family history and choose the best one for you.

Why Write Your Memoir? Wed , February 21st , 7 pm – 8 pm

Come discover the many reasons and benefits to writing your memoir. We’ll uncover the obstacles that might be holding you back and explore ways to remove them so you can find the freedom in telling your story.

Finding Your Life’s Theme Wed, February 28th, 7 pm – 8 pm

Ever wonder why certain things and memories keep coming up in your life? In this class, we explore those memories and identify some possible themes for writing your memoir. Knowing your theme will bring clarity and focus to your story and just might free up some areas of your life that seem stuck.

All classes are $10.00 unless otherwise noted.

Homeschool & After School

P.A.I.N.T. with Your Words

Paint with Your Words class

Using words instead of paint and a brush,
your student’s writing will come alive in bursts of color and texture
as he or she learns to create a picture in the reader’s mind.

Classes forming now
Please contact me at gina (at) ginaconroy (dot) com for more information or fill out the contact form below.

Recommended ages: 7 – 11 yrs. , 10-13 yrs., 15- 18 yrs (ages may vary according to skill level)

Jr High/High School homeschool class forming now for fall!


  • Using words instead of paint and a brush, the student’s writing will come alive in bursts of color and texture as he or she learns to create a picture in the reader’s mind.
  • Students should have a grasp on the basic parts of speech, typing, and use of email.

Course Objectives:

  • Poetry and Journaling: Descriptive writing using sensory words and strong verbs and adjective
  • Creative Writing: Showing vs. telling, passive vs. active writing
  • Creative Writing: Figurative language: hyperbole, personification, similes, metaphors, etc.
  • Creative and Paragraph Writing: POV, character voice
  • Paragraph and Essay Writing: Varying sentence structure, sequential and transitional words

“I learned how to paint a picture in the reader’s mind.” -7th grader

Kids and Teens

Fall Afterschool Classes

Express Yourself

unsplash express yourself boys

Express Yourself Writing Workshop is for boys and girls in the 3rd and 4th grade. Explore your emotions and unlock your inner voice through theatre games, role-playing, journaling, crafts, and games. The shy will come to life and the confident will flourish as students have fun learning to express themselves in a variety of ways. Through journaling emotions, writing ?self portraits,? and creating original poetry children will become comfortable with their emotions and learn to express themselves in a positive way. This class is held at Jenks Southeast Elementary, Room 109A. 6 classes.

Enrollment open for Jenks after school program in fall 2016

Enrollment open for Jenks after school program in fall 2016

Unlock your inner voice through writing and theatre games. This course is designed to help students become comfortable expressing their feelings, thoughts, and the world as they see it. Using journaling prompts, art, and improv theater games, students will explore their emotions and learn to express them in a variety of ways. Focus will be on writing and public speaking.


Why Be a Goop?
P.A.I.N.T. with Your Words
Writing the Tall Tale

Release the Novel in You!


Writing book for teens



Release the Memoir in You!

How to find your life’s theme and write your memoir because you have a story that must be told.

      Memoir write unsplash free

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class, especially it’s informal setting. It was an abridged, yet very informative class. Assignments were relevant and challenging yet not overwhelming. My biggest take-away was learning how to show the story rather than telling the story. I totally recommend the class.” –Dambisa Hara

Classes forming for Saturdays 10 – 12p